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Mac (1-3c)





Twins after spinel law, fragments of twins, crystals and crystal fragments with twinning lines.

1q: 1st quality. Loupe clean, isometric, with even splits.

2q: 2nd quality. Minor defect. Growth-line. System of micro-inclusions located near twinning lines (also named as “web”). Split along with small crack. Loupe clean stones with uneven splits. Generally loupe clean diamond with small defect in a peripherical zone.

3q: 3rd quality. Marked structure, steps. Defects in a peripherical or intermediate zone. Loupe clean triple intergrowths. Intergrowth lines till a central part. Crack situated in one zone.


Rough Library

21 : 2q : 2col : 0.95 ct

22 : 2q : 3col : 1.00 ct

23-1 : 3q : 2col

23-2 : 3q : 2col