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Sh (1-5c)




Sh – Shapes. Regular and rounded octahedrons with evident shape distortion.

1q: 1st quality. Flat shaped octahedrons with minute surface features. Single etching surface line and near surface pinpoints allowed.

2q: 2nd quality. Shape is the same as for the 1st quality, distortion ratio till 1:2. One minor or several minute surface steps can present, One small inclusion: in the central part is the shape is good or in the peripherical zone if there are surface steps. Inclusion within the step can be bigger assuming that it will be cut off durind cutting.

3q: 3rd quality. Faces can be from completely flat to minor layered (steps). For a good shape 2-3 minor peripheric inclusions allowed. Minute white clous is allowed in the central part. Small crack allowed in one zone, if the crack is bigger the stone goes into the Z4 position.


Rough Library

9 : 1q : 0.97 ct

10 : 2q : 1.06 ct

11 : 3q : 1.01 ct