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Z (1-5c)




Z –Sawables. Whole crystals. Maximal distortion ratio 1:1.5, minute growth layers and steps allowed.

1q: 1st quality. Loupe clean stones or near surface pinpoints that can be polished out.
2q: 2nd quality. Minute inclusions in any parts of a stone. Surface steps,  broken corners, and near surface small cracks allowed. One minute internal characteristic combined with a growth layer on one face is typical.

3q: 3rd quality. Shape requirements are same. Minor steps, minor internal features. Examples:  minor crack in one zone, surface steps + crack, 2-3 minor near surface inclusions, a crack parallel to face + inclusion with clean central part.


Rough Library

5 : 2q : 1.11 ct

6 : 3q : 1.11 ct

7 : 2.35 ct

7-1 : 2.35 ct

8 : 1.02 ct