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Helium Polish
Helium Rough & Pacor
Helium Rough & Pacor
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Helium Polish
Helium Rough & Pacor

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Getting started
Scanning and building
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Getting started

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Start the program Helium Rough

Switch on scanner and computer.

Double click on a Helium Rough shortcut to start the program.

Note. Name of shortcut and number of version can be different from the screenshot above.

The Helium Rough program opens.

Note. Press F4 twice if color of interface of program is inverted, not the same as in illustration.

Check connection of the scanner

Make sure all lamps on scanner and block of power glow by green lights. It means that equipment is switched on.

To check connection of equipment to computer:

  • Right click by mouse on blue textured background of the program
  • Select in menu Restore and then select DISPLAY

  • DISPLAY window appears with the follow rows:

    Photo device was loaded successfully
    Engine device was loaded successfully
    Line device was loaded successfully

  • It means that connection was successful! To continue working with scanner make system initialization

If DISPLAY window does not contain information like above, it means that error was occurred during connection to scanner.

In this case:

  • Switch off scanner
  • Close program via button EXIT in dropdown main menu

  • Check all cables connections between scanner, block of power and computer
  • Switch on scanner and computer once again
  • Check connection to scanner as described above

If error repeats again - call to service center.

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