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How can I work in DiamCalc with arbitrary cut?

DiamCalc allows working with several predefined cuts with parameters and import arbitrary cuts in several formats:

  • AutoDesk DXF (only Mesh type data is supported)
  • GemCad ASCII
  • Pacor MMD
  • Sarin SRN
  • STL file
  • TXT file with parameters
  • External DLL cuts

To open arbitrary cut select it from menu Cut / Import.

Creating you own arbitrary cut is also available in the CutDesigher.

DiamCalc allows to create a photoreal image of any imported cut using various lightings. Rendering of non convex cuts is supported since version 3.2 beta

Import for non convex cut is supported from binary STL since version 3.2 beta. Previous versions supported import from binary STL format of convex cuts only.

Also DiamCalc allows exporting the model to our GEM file format which may be viewed with our free GemAdviser program. The GemAdviser allows viewing the photoreal image of the model using several predefined lightings.

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