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If I change or restore a computer, laptop or operational system and would like to reinstall GemCalc what should I do?

The software GemCalc is out of production and not available anymore. But we offer the product DiamCalc for customers that is able to work with both colorless and colored stones.

There are two options for GemCalc users:

The first option is to install version DiamCalc 2.8.0 instead of GemCalc on your computer and send us registration number and we will send you registration key back. The upgrade from GemCalc to DiamCalc 2.8 is free for our clients; the second option is to upgrade your version to DiamCalc HASP version for only 65 Euro and you will get HASP key and versions of DiamCalc 3.0 and 3.2 Beta.

We recommend you to use the Second option because:

  1. In this case you will get HASP key and will be able to download the program onto an unlimited number of computers and plug the key into any computer. If you will restore the operating system or change laptop or computer then you will be able to use DiamCalc without any additional request to support by just plugging of HASP key and installing the driver and distributive
  2. You will get an updated version DiamCalc 3.0 or the latest version DiamCalc 3.2
  3. All updates of the software will be available only for users with HASP version of DiamCalc

First option

If you select First option:

  • Download DiamCalc 2.8.0 version from web page and install it
  • Run program and you will see the message:

  • Press OK and you will see Software registration window:

  • Copy registration number from this window by Copy / Paste commands and send it us via OctoNus Support Service

Second option

If you select Second option fill the form here:

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