MSS Cutting Rules

Unless otherwise stipulated all stones will be

  • 3/4ct 5.8mm (5.75-5.85) rounds
  • Hearts and Arrows level symmetry
  • GIA Ex Polish and symmetry
  • No painting or digging
  • G to F
  • VS2 / SI1
  • Non Fluoro
  • Average Girdle thickness: Medium 3% at mains
  • No more than +- 0.3% girdle variation around each stone
  • All must get GIA EX Cut grade (unless other request)
    • e.g. depth % must be less than 63%
    • Star facets 55% +- 2%
    • Lower girdle half Length = 80% (as measured by the GIA and Sarin approach) +- 2% (but 78% is better then 82%)


Pavilion +- 0.2 within each stone. But better accuracy between stones Crown +- 0.2, Table +- 0.5%, Girdle +- 0.3%.
Diameter deviation should be within 10-20 microns (0.01-0.02 mm).
Azimuth (index) variation maximum +- 0.5. Average less then 0.3 (we can discuss it).

In this example all cut parameters should be identical with "accuracy" 0.1. For example, the difference in pavilion angle between diamonds T55% P41.75 Cr34.5 and T57% P41.75 Cr34.5 should not be more than 0.1.

For example T55% P41.65 Cr34.5 and T57% P41.75 Cr34.5 would be acceptable accuracy error is up to +-0.1. But this example would not be acceptable T55% P41.65 Cr34.5 and T57% P41.85 Cr34.5 (accuracy 0.2).

MSS Fire serie

The stones could have any parameters for the best Fire.


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