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Company history : ISDN Lite Switch
ISDN Lite Switch

What is an ISDN Lite and what it can do?

ISDN Lite is an adjunct processor/switch organized as a scalable set of Processing Modules (PMs). It resides on a PCI interface of a control workstation. The control workstation is an IBM RS/6000 communications server, or some other general-purpose computer equipped with a PCI external connector. ISDN Lite can be configured and deployed in cost-effective solutions for some of the most difficult ISDN-related problems faced by carriers today:

  • Provisioning ISDN BRI in non-ISDN Central Office areas
  • Serving ISDN customers located beyond the Carrier Service Area (CSA)
  • Relieving ISDN Central Office switch congestion

ISDN Lite services and systems will comply with established standards and operational support system requirements:

  • Basic criteria will be in accordance with ISDN N1, N2 and N3
  • Standards conformance
  • Q.921
  • Q.931
  • Q.941
  • Switch/OSS interfaces
  • TR08
  • TR303
  • X.25 protocol
  • SS7 generation, recognition, and interoperation

These capabilities enable ISDN Lite to function as a full Network Element and interface with existing Operational Support Systems. As may be necessary, IBM or the customer may develop special features and interfaces.

Principal circuits

The general logical structure of the switch

Circuit 1

The root PM structure

Circuit 2

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