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PACOR - Advanced Computer technologies for Processing of Rough diamonds
Laser Mapping of Concavities
Scanning major and minor symmetry features
Technology patent "A method and apparatus for locating inclusions in a diamond stone"
Immersion Glass


M-Box 2.0 M-Box 1.5 M-Box
6 Axis - Completely Motorized Microscopic - 3D Automatic Inclusion Plotting System. 6 Axis Motorised M-Box with Stereo Viewing through Oculars Microscopic Inclusion mapping system for Helium Rough

Auto Plottting with Helium IG Scanner and MBox Digital Microscope

Oxygen software

Oxygen is an advanced software for processing of rough diamonds. It works together with M-Box Systems and Helium Scanners.

The product line includes: Oxygen Microscope Server, Oxygen Inclusion, Oxygen Immersion, Oxygen HIG, Oxygen D-Z, Oxygen XRay, and Oxygen Viewer Free Version.

The Gallery

Visit our gallery with results of diamond marking and cutting solutions through the years.

Journey of a Rough Diamond till it becomes Sparkling Diamond

3DCalc software

3DCalc is a software for professional support of the decisions regarding precious stones. There are products for both professionals and consumers. The product line includes DiamCalc, DiamCalc Pro, DiamCalc Color and GemAdviser Free Version


DiamCalc is a system for cut gemstones modeling, which enables many different users to achieve their goals. The real (photorealistic) image of a polished diamond created by the system makes it possible to determine the cut properties that often cannot be measured and to find the optimal combination of cut parameters that would provide the best perception, brilliance, fire, scintillation and others of the stone.

Helium Scanners

Helium scanners are modern equipment for cutting factories, laboratories and trade businesses. The product line includes Helium IG, Helium Rough, Helium Tender and Helium Polish for scanning roughs and polished diamonds, constructing its 3D-models.

Helium IG is completely automatic plotting system for inclusions VS2-I3. HIG scanner makes set of photos of rough in Immersion Glass with very high depth of sharpness for better viewing of inclusion.

The advanced techniques incorporated in the Helium Rough system: most advance and accurate Cavity Mapping, thanks to its dual head scanning technique; localization of 3D-Inclusions and automatic accounting of their position and clarity group, optimizing allocation diamonds for value.

Helium Polish scanner determines with high accuracy both the inclination of a facet and its azimuth. Helium 3D model reveals major and minor symmetry features.

The software creates different types of reports including user-defined.

Example - Dual Color Polish 2.273ct with Helium Scanners, M-Box and Oxygen Software


The ViBox device allows to create high quality video of diamonds very easy and quickly. ViBox movies help to appreciate diamond for both customers and sellers.

Very detailed high quality images and video show many significant diamonds features, like contrast, color, scintillations, fire, inclusions and many others.

More ViBox movies..


Pacor Client is an advanced software for optimization and planning.

Pacor (obsolete) is a computer aided system for scanning and modeling of rough diamonds with consequent analysis of the cut options for achieving the highest value of the polished diamonds.

What is new ?

October, 2018
Oxygen D-Z

February 16, 2018
Oxygen Immersion 3.27.1 build 2899

May 26, 2018
Oxygen HIG 3.26.30 build 2894

April 13, 2017
DiamCalc 3.3.53

January 30, 2017
GemAdviser 2.0.5 free version

October 26, 2016
Oxygen Viewer 1.8.2 free version

May 30, 2016
Oxygen Inclusion 3.18

March 4, 2016
Oxygen Microscope 3.18.23

December 22, 2015
Helium Rough 6.0

December 22, 2015
Pacor Client 6.0

October 23, 2015
Helium Polish 5.6

October 8, 2015
Stereo Viewer 4.0.4

May 27, 2015
ViBox 3.1.32

Immersion Glass technology
Immersion Glass

Immersion Glass is the technology developed by Lexus / Octonus which can be used to view inclusions inside the rough stone without physical windowing, to view those inclusions using Eye-glass or microscope and to perform planning and plotting using M-Box and Helium IG.


Rapid Photography System captures images DiBox and movies DiBox 2.0 of polished diamonds under various structured lighting environment and make it ready for Printing or web publishing.

DiBox 2.0


Stereo Viewer Free Version

The program Stereo Viewer allows to play movies and stereo movies in FLM format or series of photos in JPG or BMP formats.>
Stereo Viewer Free Version

Diamond 3DBook

Diamond 3DBook is a computer tutorial that involves extensive information on working with diamonds: from the physical background determining the unique properties of these stones to the modern worldwide system of diamond trade.
Diamond 3DBook free full version on-line
Diamond 3DBook free full version on-line