What is Helium Tender and who benefits
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Laser Mapping of Concavities
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PACOR - Advanced Computer technologies for Processing of Rough diamonds
Laser Mapping of Concavities
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Technology patent "A method and apparatus for locating inclusions in a diamond stone"
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What is Helium Tender scanner and who benefits

What is Helium Tender?

Helium Tender is a portable scanner. It is an accurate and advance rough cavity & inclusion mapping, value based planning equipment, optimizing rough with value analysis and sawing plans.

The Gallery
Helium Tender page on Lexus web-site
Catalogue (PDF)
Computer Specifications (PDF)

Salient Features

  1. Any inclusion including Gletz / piques / bubbles (VS to I) can be considered.
  2. The machine intelligence will help you in deciding if inclusion removal or re-orientation will maximize your profit. At the time of tender, this is even more important.
  3. If the suggested plan includes the inclusions, machine software will show you where those inclusions will be reflected in the polished stone. The machine will grade the finished stone based on size of inclusions left inside the polished stone, its orientation and its reflection / refraction inside the polished stone. Model building accuracy is better than 0.020 mm makes this possible.
  4. Can be transferred to M-Box for VVS1 to IF Inclusion.
  5. Free Oxygen Viewer will make it possible for your overseas office to participate in critical decision making. They will be able to view the provisional / final plan of the virtual stone, and give their consent before further process.
  6. LAN configurable and multi user environment software support reduces overall cost. Inclusion placement and allocation can be done in off machine mode to reduce load on the scanner and increase its utility factor (reduce overall investment).
  7. Can handle size up to 25mm or 33mm.
  8. The software is specifically designed to accurately suggest the most profitable planning options in value recovery terms. In the process the Rapaport / user specific price structure can be used.
  9. Offline working mode - you can scan the stone overseas and plan your stone locally - value based and inclusion based. Easy to install. Just Connect to USB Port of your laptop and Go.
  10. Easy to carry with portable carry bag.
  11. No realignment required.

Helium IG, M-Box Helium Rough, Oxygen HIG, Oxygen Immersion, Pacor Client, Oxygen D-Z
See more details in Process Flow table below



HT 36 HT 48
Field of view 36 x 24 mm 48 x 36 mm
Rough 190 ct 450 ct
Oxygen Inclusion Terminal Software At Extra Included
Diamond types Any Cuts
Diamond Holding Glue assisted
3D-model accuracy Better then 0.020 mm Better then 0.027 mm
3D-Inclusion Mapping Very Advance - Working on Images Of Windowed Stone
Concavity Mapping Yes
Optimization Auto / Manual Sawing, Single/Multiple
Print reports Available, (Very detailed + User defined)
Electronic reports Free Viewer (Oxygen Viewer) Software - Any Quantity
Warranty 12 months

Hardware specification


HT 36 HT 48
Lens 0.243x 0.184x
Ethernet Camera : 2/3" CCD 1360 x 1024
Computer requirements View PDF
Weight 8 kg
Dimensions L x W x H 37 cm x 12 cm x 13 cm 47.5 cm x 13 cm x 13.5 cm
Power consumption 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz 40W

Related products and Process Flow

Steps / Process Old process

Without Immersion Glass

Modern process

With Immersion Glass

Scan / Estimate rough during purchase Helium Tender

Scanning or Preliminary scanning of 3D Model of rough
Scanning of rough Helium Rough

Scanning 3D Model of rough
Software for working with Helium Rough and Helium Tender scanners Helium Rough Software download
Immersion Glass Molding Not available

Immersion Glass

In this technology, Immersion Glass material is used. Immersion Glass is the material having nearly same Refractive Index value as Diamond and is solid at Room temperature and melts to liquid at around 100C. We can heat Immersion Glass and Diamond in cubical mold so glass and diamond will become a single entity and reflections of inclusions will be removed. Due to absence of reflections, plotting on M-Box is more precise, very easy and can be done by even non-experienced operator.

Immersion Glass cubical mold Scanning Not available Helium Rough

Scanning 3D Model of Immersion Glass cubical mold with rough inside
Plotting of Inclusions Making set of photos on Helium Rough scanner. Then inclusion including VS to I can be plotted manually on M-Box/Helium Rough photos. Helium IG (HIG)

Completely Automatic Plotting System for Inclusions  VS2-I3

HIG uses 3D model obtained on Helium Rough.

HIG makes set of photos with very high depth of sharpness for better viewing of inclusion.

Software for working with HIG scanner - Oxygen HIG Software
Further plotting of Inclusions on M-Boxes M-Box or M-Box 1.5

M-Box - 5 Axis-Microscopic inclusion mapping system for Helium Rough

M-Box 1.5 - 6 Axis Motorised M-Box with Stereo Viewing through Oculars
M-Box 2.0

M-Box2.0 - 6 Axes Completely Motorized Microscopic - 3D Automatic Inclusion Plotting System

Software for working with M-Boxes Oxygen Immersion
Oxygen Microscope Server
Software for working with projects from M-Boxes Oxygen Inclusion
Software for allocation and planning

Pacor Client - Detecting the most profitable option of rough marking.
Oxygen D-Z - D to Z color estimation: Enhancing value while planning/optimizing.

Scanning and grading diamonds

Helium Polish - Scanning 3D Model of diamond. Creating detailed reports.

Rapid making high quality photos and videos of polished diamonds

DiBox - Rapid Photography System captures images of polished diamonds under various structured lighting environment and make it ready for Printing or web publishing.
DiBox 2.0 - Rapid Photography System captures images and movies of polished diamonds under various structured lighting environment and make it ready for Printing or web publishing.

Making 3D video and photo of diamonds

ViBox - The Video Box allows the manufacturer to prepare images and movies 3D for the diamond and diamond jewelry.

Visualizing of 3D models of polished diamonds and other gemstones, grading and making reports

DiamCalc - For jewelers,diamonds graders,sale specialists dealing with diamonds and diamond jewelry, manufacturers,technologists

Free software for visualizing of 3d models of diamonds, exploring solutions, for 3d video of diamonds and jewelry GemAdviser Free Version

Oxygen Viewer Free Version

Stereo Viewer Free Version