What is Oxygen D-Z and who benefits from it
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PACOR - Advanced Computer technologies for Processing of Rough diamonds
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Technology patent "A method and apparatus for locating inclusions in a diamond stone"
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What is Oxygen D-Z and who benefits

Oxygen D-Z is a software for D to Z color estimation and enhancing value while planning/optimizing.

Oxygen D-Z page on Lexus web-site

Around 10 years back the diamond scanners were used to optimize value while exploring size (Carat) and Cut. With the introduction of Pacor and Helium Scanners, the third C, Clarity, was introduced and diamond planning scanners became more intelligent, exploiting value based on 3 Cs. The 4th C, Color, though very important, was left out, as the mystery associated with it was quite unclear. Cutters used to make a rough guess and used one reference color while planning.


There are a few myth associated with color estimation while planning.

  • Fancy shape will result in a shade lower than that for round
  • Color is located in a few corners. Removing those corners will better the color as the name suggest, myths are misconception the catch here is, the diamond can be cut and polished only once. Backward learning is not possible in case of color estimation


Color of the polish diamond depends on:

  • Absorption of the color, which is defined by spectrum of the rough diamond, which is unique to every piece of rough.
  • The faceting style and parameters, which dictates length of ray bouncing inside the diamond before exiting from it. We have developed technology to estimate color grade of the planned solution in a rough diamond based on these information.

Which rough is suitable?

Every piece of rough which do not have color grains / color zoning is suitable for this technology. While working with heavily strong fluorescent diamonds, we need to consider that the final grade can be 2 to 3 grades better then estimated. For medium fluorescence, the grade can be 1 grade better then estimate.

What data is required?

Following data is required to make resultant color estimation:

  • Final solution estimations in the rough in form of oxygen file (maximum 20 solutions)
  • Spectrometer data for the rough taken thru 2 to 3 set of inline parallel windows
  • Thickness of window corresponding to these spectrometer data
  • Images of this diamond taken on light table


The Gallery
See examples: 154 Carat, 96 Carat, 40.19 Carat, 32.97 Carat and 27.90 Carat


Oxygen D-Z download

Helium Rough, Helium IG (HIG), M-Box Helium Rough, Oxygen Immersion, Oxygen HIG, Oxygen Microscope Server, Oxygen Inclusion, Pacor Client
See more details in Process Flow table below

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Steps / Process Old process

Without Immersion Glass

Modern process

With Immersion Glass

Scan / Estimate rough during purchase Helium Tender

Scanning or Preliminary scanning of 3D Model of rough
Scanning of rough Helium Rough

Scanning 3D Model of rough
Software for working with Helium Rough and Helium Tender scanners Helium Rough Software download
Immersion Glass Molding Not available

Immersion Glass

In this technology, Immersion Glass material is used. Immersion Glass is the material having nearly same Refractive Index value as Diamond and is solid at Room temperature and melts to liquid at around 100°C. We can heat Immersion Glass and Diamond in cubical mold so glass and diamond will become a single entity and reflections of inclusions will be removed. Due to absence of reflections, plotting on M-Box is more precise, very easy and can be done by even non-experienced operator.

Immersion Glass cubical mold Scanning Not available Helium Rough

Scanning 3D Model of Immersion Glass cubical mold with rough inside
Plotting of Inclusions Making set of photos on Helium Rough scanner. Then inclusion including VS to I can be plotted manually on M-Box/Helium Rough photos. Helium IG (HIG)

Completely Automatic Plotting System for Inclusions  VS2-I3

HIG uses 3D model obtained on Helium Rough.

HIG makes set of photos with very high depth of sharpness for better viewing of inclusion.

Software for working with HIG scanner - Oxygen HIG Software
Further plotting of Inclusions on M-Boxes M-Box or M-Box 1.5

M-Box - 5 Axis-Microscopic inclusion mapping system for Helium Rough

M-Box 1.5 - 6 Axis Motorised M-Box with Stereo Viewing through Oculars
M-Box 2.0

M-Box2.0 - 6 Axes - Completely Motorized Microscopic - 3D Automatic Inclusion Plotting System

Software for working with M-Boxes Oxygen Immersion
Oxygen Microscope Server
Software for working with projects from M-Boxes Oxygen Inclusion
Software for allocation and planning

Pacor Client - Detecting the most profitable option of rough marking.
Oxygen D-Z - D to Z color estimation: Enhancing value while planning/optimizing.

Scanning and grading diamonds

Helium Polish - Scanning 3D Model of diamond. Creating detailed reports.

Rapid making high quality photos and videos of polished diamonds

DiBox - Rapid Photography System captures images of polished diamonds under various structured lighting environment and make it ready for Printing or web publishing.
DiBox 2.0 - Rapid Photography System captures images and movies of polished diamonds under various structured lighting environment and make it ready for Printing or web publishing.

Making 3D video and photo of diamonds

ViBox - The Video Box allows the manufacturer to prepare images and movies 3D for the diamond and diamond jewelry.

Visualizing of 3D models of polished diamonds and other gemstones, grading and making reports

DiamCalc - For jewelers,diamonds graders,sale specialists dealing with diamonds and diamond jewelry, manufacturers,technologists

Free software for visualizing of 3d models of diamonds, exploring solutions, for 3d video of diamonds and jewelry GemAdviser Free Version

Oxygen Viewer Free Version

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