What is GemAdviser and who benefits from it
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What is GemAdviser and who benefits

What is GemAdviser

The GemAdviser is developed from the GemReader software. The GemAdviser is a free read-only software to model polished gemstones allowing customers to see the diamonds and gems. It allows to evaluate diamond Light Return and Leakage.

The Gem Adviser reads the data from the GEM files created with the help of the DiamCalc 2.x software.

There are the GEM examples provided with the GemAdviser installation package. The GEM files will be copied into the folder samples inside the GemAdviser folder.

Please don't hesitate to send message with your comments. Your suggestions, impressions and bug reports will be very much appreciated.

Who benefits from it

You do the most effective possible step towards being a versed participant of the comprehensive modern diamond market when you use GemAdviser.

When you are looking for stone:

  1. Insure yourself that you are buying a stone which you are well informed at a professional level about, i.e. beyond a regular consumer certificate limit. GemAdviser provides you with the tips regarding the stone that you think over to buy "How significant are the effects like nail head, fish eye, light leakage, fire, brilliancy and other features, which could be considered as positive or negative, increasing or reducing the market value of this stone? What is the overall GemAdviser scorea) of the stone in the market"?
  2. Make your sound choice of a best option among a wider variety of stones during shorter period of time than previously - see GemAdviser stone profilesb) and imagesc) of the stones, which could be not even handled by your supplier yet.
  3. Know in advance how the lighting environment changes the stone appearanced), that helps to avoid disappointments after the purchase.
  4. Compare GemAdviser stone profilesb) and imagesc) and think over the best option comfortably and coolly at home, not just in a shop.

a) GemAdviser score is the advanced independent approach to judgment on the overall diamond score, which takes into account diamond geometry, lighting conditions, specificity of a human perception and market traditions.

b) GemAdviser stone profile serves the following information about the stone: degree of nail head, fish eye, light leakage effects (also brilliancy grade in the nearest future, fire, scintillation and beauty later on) on the basis of 3D diamond model or diamond report data imported.

c) GemAdviser generates virtual images of the stones, which are not the exact replicas of what is seen by a human eye in reality, because in reality the stones are not ideally symmetrical and computers are not perfect yet to simulate. However, the effects like nail head, fish eye, etc. are clearly revealed by the virtual image and commented by a relevant appraising line. (And more 3D symmetrical the stone you consider, more closer will be the computer generated image to what you will see when you have it in your hands).

d) Alongside with the comment c) it should be said that the computer generated images of the stone under different lighting conditions are not the precise simulations. However, the imitation accuracy is enough to demonstrate how different the stone appearance, fire, scintillation, etc. are at daylight and, say, in enigmatic light of a candle. The virtual image is also supported by the numerical evidence of the stone profile.

When you are selling stones:

  1. Give your client an idea about the vast number of stones and expand the choice without increasing your inventory by a cent.
  2. Understand your client's versed preferences in diamonds in order to offer him or her the most matching options. Help your client to understand the key features of the stones and make it easier for your client to compare different stones in terms of the degree of nail head, fish eye and light leakage effects (brilliance grading, fire, scintillation, etc later on) in order to give them a chance to make the choice which fits exactly his or her preferences.
  3. Provide a client with the understanding how the stone appearance changes with the lighting change in order to avoid disappointments, establish trust and secure the repeat purchase in your jeweler's.
  4. Expand the opportunities for client to choose and make decision to buy beyond the shop facilities, let him or her compare stones and decide at home as well.

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Collection of different parametrical diamond models with IdealScope lighting