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GemAdviser versions history

Here you will find the history of the GemAdviser software.

GemAdviser version 1.9 - February 4, 2008

  1. Support cuts from CutDesigner
  2. External DLL cuts are included in the package and available in GemAdviser

GemAdviser version 1.8 - September 6, 2006

  1. GemAdviser 1.8 allows to read GEM files created with the latest DiamCalc with updated Brilliant and Radiant cut and new Princess 3-chevron cut.
    It also supports GEM files with external parametric cuts from DLLs. All DLLs implementing such cuts should be placed in the "Cuttings" subfolder of GemAdviser. If you export model of external cut to GEM file using DiamCalc and pass such GEM file to another user of GemAdviser, make sure that the recipient also has the corresponding DLL.
  2. The Cut Quality estimation has new index: Dark zone mono. Calculation of Contrast is disabled.

GemAdviser version 1.4

  1. Transformation of coordinates XYZ to coordinates sRGB is realized at an output the image to the screen of the monitor. It has improved a colour rendition.
  2. New button with photo camera allows saving the picture in JPEG and BMP file.
  3. Several lighting modes have been added:
    • ASET 30 Black
    • Hearts & Artrows
    • Al Gilbertson + White
    • Leakage
    • Fish-eye evaluation