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Download GemAdviser

GemAdviser 2.0 free version

January 30, 2017

The GemAdviser is a free read-only software allows to view 3D models of diamonds and gems in the *.GEM format created in the DiamCalc and Helium Polish. The GemAdviser allows to evaluate diamond Light Return and Leakage.

What is new in the GemAdviser 2.0

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GemAdviser is an installation program for Windows (4.12 Mb).

Version never expires

Important! Please read this before download

1. The installation programs are digitally signed. Once you downloaded *.exe please check the signature
We do not recommend to run installation if the signature is absent or not valid: this is dangerous (running corrupted file can lead to unpredictable results)! Click here to read how to check the signature. If the signature of installation file is not OK or absent please retry to download again. You can also try to use a different download server.
If the problem persists please send message to OctoNus support service.

2. Warning
After installing the GemAdviser you need to run it at least once before you try to open .gem files from internet browser or windows explorer. Please run the GemAdviser 2.0 using the start menu: Start / All programs / Gem Adviser 2.0 / GemAdviser 2.0
If you have GemAdviser versions earlier than 2.0 it is advisable to uninstall them using Add / Remove programs of the windows Control panel