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Download Pacor Client

Pacor Client 6.0 build 44

December 22, 2015

Pacor Client is a software for planning allocation of rough diamond, detecting the most profitable option of rough marking. Pacor Client works without hardware with projects created by Helium Rough and IG scanners, MBox and Oxygen.

Make sure that you saved all previous files of Pacor Client program before downloading and installation of new program in store archive folder. In case of necessity you can use them.

What is new in the Pacor Client ?

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InstallPacorClient-6.0.44.exe (53 Mb) - Pacor Client version 6.0 build 44 (22 December, 2015).


Read this carefully before installation

The distributives for for Helium Rough and Pacor Client are available now.

Main program and main components that are not recommended to be edited by user and can be edited only by Lexus/OctoNus will be unpacked to system folder:

  • for Pacor Client:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\OctoNus Software\Pacor Client 6
  • for Helium Rough:
    C:\Program Files\OctoNus Software\HeliumRough 6

Components which are open for user edit will be unpacked to data folder:

  • for Pacor Client
    %ProgramData%\OctoNus Software\PacorClient
  • for Helium Rough
    %ProgramData%\OctoNus Software\HeliumRough

usually %ProgramData% is C:\ProgramData\...

In this folder PacorBatLocal.ini or HeliumBatLocal.ini could be written load of any user appraisers, pricelists, reports.

Reports and cuttings will be loaded from folders Cuttings and Report both from system folder and from data folder.

For Helium Rough for upgrade from previous version to new one it is necessary to copy (this should be only once and will not be required ion future versions):

  • HeliumSystem.bin to data folder %ProgramData%\Octonus Software\HeliumRough
  • HeliumStart.mmd to data folder %ProgramData%\Octonus Software\HeliumRough
  • HeliumDrivers.ini to data folder %ProgramData%\Octonus Software\HeliumRough
  • files _Zoom3.bmp and _GridZoom3.bmp to subfolder System of data folder %ProgramData%\Octonus Software\Helium Rough 6\System

If there were tuned other modes, like half-resolution mode or others, then it is necessary to copy others files like _Zoom...bmp or _GridZoom...bmp

If client used non-standard reports or cuttings then it is necessary to put them in data folder.
If client used non-standard pricelists and appraisers then it is necessary to put them in data folder and write their load in HeliumBatLocal.ini, located in data folder.

There are two files since this version - HeliumBat.ini in system folder and HeliumBatLocal.ini in data folder. File HeliumBat.ini is prohibited to edit, but in file HeliumBatLocal.ini it is required to move all non-standard, customized for each client, settings which were in HeliumBat.ini before. As usual, it is CopyCutting, LoadCCFAppraiser, LoadParsAppraiser, LoadExternalGrading for custom cuttings, appraisers and pricelists.

Advanced Computer Technologies for Processing of Rough diamonds
Lecture by S.Sivovolenko in HRD December 11, 1997
The purpose of my lecture is to inform you of the instrument we created for evaluation and marking of rough diamonds above 3 carat.
First, I would like to note that we did not aim to make a fully automated device for rough diamond cutting. Our aim was rather to create equipment allowing the expert to noticeably raise the processing efficiency on wide range of rough diamonds. To illustrate the difference, let me bring the following example to your attention. Imagine an expert marking the same lot with and without using a leverage and weight tables. No doubt, there will be stones marked equally. The more experienced is the expert, the more such stones there will be. But, I think you agree that the efficiency will be greater in case of using the tools... read more

External cut modules

There are two ways for using different cuts in diamond allocation in Pacor:

1) Built-in parametric cuts. This technology allows to achieve the highest precision and flexibility in allocation (search for optimal allocation with variation of up to 15 cut parameters simultaneously)
2) ASCII cuts. This option allows to use almost any arbitrary cut in allocation (even the diamond model obtained by scanning real stone). However only three cut parameters available to optimize allocation: crown, girdle and pavilion depth. Another point is that system of parameters is the same for all these cuts, though real cuts have differences. For example round cut and step cut have generally different approach for pavilion depth definition...

Read more