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Quick guide on Key operations (How to..)
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Fax: +7 495 639-9384

The latest version - DiamCalc 3.2

What is new in DiamCalc ?

DiamCalc 3.2 Documentation (PDF)

DiamCalc FAQ


  1. Estimating the mass of the stone and calculating cut parameters
  2. Support for different cuts and a large set of parameters
  3. Support of external cut designs and diamond 3D-models- GemCad, AutoCAD and Sarin files import (registered version only)
  4. Working with different types of gemstones
  5. Finding unknown parameters (mounted diamonds, estimating proportions of diamonds before they are cut) and parameter fixing
  6. Selecting measurement units and parameters to show
  7. Appraising cut quality (GIA, HRD, AGA, Russian TU systems) and estimating the price of the diamond
  8. Different visual presentations of diamond, fine-tuning images to produce realistic view of a diamond
  9. Detailed description of DiamCalc appraisers
  10. Appraiser file format
  11. OctBrill.txt file format
  12. Price list file format

DiamCalc Quick guide on Key operations (How to..)


GemAdviser Quick guide on Key operations (How to..)


Brilliant Cut Parameters

Total height
Crown height (bezel)
Crown height (valley)
Crown angle
Table diameter
Pavilion depth (mains)
Pavilion angle
Girdle valley
Square deviation
Star facets
Lower facets
Girdle (valley)
Girdle (bezel)
Fish eye
Advanced 2
Crown angle (min)
Crown angle (max)
Crown angle (avg)
Pavilion angle (min)
Pavilion angle (max)
Pavilion angle (avg)
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