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How to select the version of Rapoport you need?

Which version of DBFCONV to download?

This document describes differences between two versions of DBFCONV (Rapaport Price List Converter) distribution and shows how to select the version you need. Also, installation instructions for both versions are given.

Differences between versions of DBFCONV

The only difference between the small and the large versions is that the full version includes ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity engine by Microsoft). If you already have a properly configured ODBC engine on your system, it makes no sense to download the full version (the full version is many times as big as the small one). Check the next section to determine if you have the necessary components already.

How to check if the small version is enough for your configuration

Click Start button - Settings - Control Panel. Search for an icon that looks like:

The icon's name should contain word "ODBC" (Open Database Connectivity), e.g. "ODBC Data Sources (32-bit)", "ODBC (32 bit)" or simply "ODBC". If there is no such icon, then ODBC is not installed on your system and you should download the full version of DBFCONV (see the note below). If there is such icon, double-click it. The options are presented in a notebook-like format. Choose Drivers tab. You will see a list of installed ODBC drivers. If there is an item named "Microsoft dBase Driver (*.dbf)" in the list, then the small version is enough. Otherwise, you have to download the full version (see the note below).

Note: Even if there is no ODBC and/or Microsoft dBase ODBC driver on your system, you can avoid downloading the full version by installing ODBC from a different source. It is included in various software products, e.g. Microsoft Office family (MS Word, Excel, Access). The process of installing ODBC is specific for each product (for Microsoft Office products, default installation options include everything that is necessary for DBFCONV). Depending on the software, sometimes you need explicitly to mark which ODBC drivers should be installed together with the ODBC engine. In this case, install the driver named "Microsoft dBase Driver (*.dbf)".

Installing the small version

Start dbfcnv_s.exe. It will ask whether to install DBFCONV and then prompt you for the installation folder. By default, DBFCONV will be installed to the same folder as DiamCalc. Change the folder if necessary and click OK button to start the installation. After installation is completed, use shortcut in DiamCalc program group to start the software (i.e. click Start-Programs-DiamCalc-DBFCONV).

Installing the full version

Start dbfcnv_l.exe. Follow on-screen instructions to install the software, using Next button when available to continue the installation. You will be asked to what folder DiamCalc should be installed and where to create shortcuts for the program. You may be asked to reboot your computer to finish the installation.

By default, a shortcut of the program is created in DiamCalc program group (click Start-Programs-DiamCalc-DBFCONV to start the conversion).

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