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DiamCalc versions history

Here you will find the history of the DiamCalc development.

DiamCalc 3.0 - August 3, 2007

Press Release. DiamCalc 3.0 and DiamCalc 3.0 Pro launched by OctoNus

  • High Dynamic Range movies and images created with High Dynamic Range panoramas and real observers
    • Bloom effect
    • Lighting panorama with high dynamic range (HDR)
    • Lighting with generated panorama (zones and light sources)
    • Paper sheet environment
    • Observer model
  • ETAS images
  • Cut Designer builds variable models
  • Simulation algorithm for stereoscopic photorealistic view of diamond is improved
  • Added Natural Diamond and Cubic Zirconia to the list of materials for setting refraction in Gem properties
  • Added the GIA PCT 2006 appraiser for Brilliant cut

More details >>

DiamCalc 2.8.0 (build 375) - September 11, 2006

  • Added the possibility to generate same RTF and HTML reports for scanned polished diamonds as in the OctoNus Helium software. Users may customize report templates to fit their needs. Such reports may be generated using files with 3D model of the stone obtained by OctoNus scanners as well as using any other imported 3D model. There are examples of new DiamCalc reports for Helium and Sarin scanned polished brilliants.

    Sample scanned by Helium Polish   HTML report for polished brilliant (Helium)   MS Word Illustrated report for polished brilliant (Helium)   PDF
    Sample scanned by Sarin   HTML report for polished brilliant (Sarin)   MS Word Illustrated report for polished brilliant (Sarin)   PDF

  • Support for external cuts from DLL was added. All DLLs implementing such cuts should be placed in the "Cuttings" subfolder of DiamCalc. The content of this folder is analyzed at the start of the program and all found cuts are appended to the list of available cuts. If you save DMC file with external cut and pass it to another user of DiamCalc or GemAdviser, make sure that the recipient also has the corresponding DLL.
  • The Cut Quality estimation has new index: Dark zone mono. Calculation of Contrast is disabled.
  • Added "Lower facets length" parameter to Brilliant cut to measure lower girdle facets according to GIA and Sarin.

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DiamCalc 2.4.0 (build 337) - September 30, 2005

The DiamCalc 2.4.0 (build 337) beta version is released.

This is a nonscheduled beta version devoted to the new AGS_2005 appraiser. The goal of the version is to help the gem cutters to determine the final grade of the cut. This version is not a final release, but only a beta, because the rules of the new AGS 2005 appraiser may still be corrected.

The DiamCalc 2.4 has the following new features:

  • The Brilliant cut has new parameters: Culet offset and azimuth, Upper and lower facets azimuth.
  • The new AGS_2005 appraiser for Brilliant and Prince cuts is added.
  • AGS Spread parameter is available.
  • AGS Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool lighting (ASET) is added.
  • The possibility to choose the RGB primaries for color correction is available.

More details >>

DiamCalc 2.3.0 (build 321) - April 20, 2004

  • BLR calculation is allowed for non-round cuts. The table's area is taken into account;
  • The algorithm for calculation of photoreal images is changed. It takes into consideration now the changes in the angle of divergence of non-parallel beams during refraction;
  • The calculation of Leakage mono and Leakage Stereo in Cut Quality estimation was disabled at this time. We have calculated integral leakage value before. It was not correct, because weak leakage does not make Brilliance worse. But the weak leakage over large area may give the same integral coefficient as a strong leakage over small area. That it why it is necessary to change the approach to leakage estimation. We have not found the new correct formula yet;
  • Added possibility to edit imported convex cuts of any format, not only GemCad ASCII. Implemented parameters: average diameter; crown, pavilion heights; distance between crown and pavilion; culet and table offsets in horizontal plane;
  • The OctoNus Helium Polish software can now export model of the scanned diamond and its parameters to DiamCalc's DMC file. DiamCalc can read such files and display the scanned model and its parameters. DiamCalc can generate the same reports on scanned diamond as Helium does using the data provided by the Helium;
  • The new "Radiant" cut was added;
  • Restored the red-blue stereo mode.

See the detailed list of new features and fixes

Updated appraiser file "Apprice.txt" - April 23, 2003

Detail description

DiamCalc 2.2.1 (build 265) - March 7, 2003

  • Fixed bug: in the version 2.2.1 (build 255) in the GemCad ASCII files import panel crown, pavilion and girdle parameters were frozen and displayed value "0".

DiamCalc 2.2.1 (build 255) - February 25, 2003

  • The "Emerald" cut has two additional parameters (on the Advanced 2 tab) that define cutting of the rectangle corners: "Corner facets" and "Corner facets ratio";
  • Import from TXT file with parameters recognizes additional parameter: second diameter. See Sample Import.txt for example;
  • Zoom in/zoom out commands may be invoked by rotating the mouse wheel;
  • When the user chooses one of the predefined lightings the photoreal visualization automatically turns on if it wasn't activated already;
  • The FAQ section is added to the Diamond Calculator user manual;
  • During import from PACOR MMD files all non-convex facets are triangulated to guarantee that all imported facets are convex.

See the detailed list of new features and fixes

DiamCalc 2.2.0 (build 247) - December 10, 2002

  • Export of the generated movie into AVI format using the codec selected by user. This command is available in the movie menu on the toolbar, or in the main menu (Options > Animation > Movie > Export to AVI);
  • In the ray-tracing mode the spatial animation takes into consideration options for objects rotation (rays, diamond or both);
  • Added the possibility to load JPEG images as background (Options > Background color > Picture > Set picture);
  • Added 6 informative parameters for the brilliant cut describing details of the crown and pavilion angles. They are useful when dealing with diamonds that have deviations from ideal round girdle shape (Angles details tab);
  • Added import of 3D models obtained with the PACOR-Oxygen diamond scanner (Cut > Import cut > From PACOR data file);

See the detailed list of new features and fixes

DiamCalc 2.1.1 (build 216) - August 22, 2002

Fixed bug described in the report

DiamCalc 2.1.0 - July 28, 2002

  • Adjust cut parameters with shapes imported from GemCad ASCII file;
  • A flexibility of the built-in parametric shapes applies now to shapes imported from GemCad ASCII file;
  • New lighting models "GemCad ISO", "GemCad ISO" + observer head blockage, "GemCad COS", "GemCad COS" + observer head blockage.

Detail description

DiamCalc 2.0.1 - May 25, 2002

  • Spread indication is available (only for the registered version);
  • Incorrect picture saving with resolutions 72, 300 & 600 dpi - now is fixed;
  • Multiple ray tracing mode with imported cuts showed the only one ray - now is fixed.

DiamCalc 2.0 - March 15, 2002

  • Quantitative estimation of some features of the round diamond cut;
  • Export to GemAdviser software format;
  • Import of the real diamond 3D models generated with the Sarin machines (Sarin Web Viewer files);
  • Support of the DXF format;
  • Working with different types of gemstones;
  • Advanced options for ray tracing view.

Detail description

Archive of DiamCalc 1.1 - 1.8 versions history