What is Pacor system and who benefits
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Advanced Computer technologies for Processing of Rough diamonds
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PACOR - Advanced Computer technologies for Processing of Rough diamonds
Laser Mapping of Concavities
Scanning major and minor symmetry features
Technology patent "A method and apparatus for locating inclusions in a diamond stone"
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What is Pacor system and who benefits

What is Pacor system?

Pacor is analysis system for large rough diamonds.

Due to advanced diamond manipulation system and stereo microscope you can look inside the diamond thru any windows placed at most location on the rough diamond and work with any type of inclusions. All inclusions be considered in value based planning and optimization for two diamonds and more with various cutting.

Main features of Pacor

1. Any inclusion including Gletz / piques / bubbles (VVS1 to I3) can be considered.
2. Very short pay back time. Increases profit exponentially with a little increase in efforts.
3. Accuracy of 3D inclusion placement - as close as 0.03 mm
4. Due to its 5 axes diamond manipulation system, you can look inside the diamond thru any windows placed at most location on the rough diamond.
5. Automatic Sawing plan generated, to maximize your profit.
6. Most advance and accurate cavity mapping technique, thanks to its unique scanning technique.
7. The machine intelligence will help you in deciding if inclusion removal or re-orientation of inclusion will maximize your profit.
8. If the suggested plan includes the inclusion, the machine software will show you where that inclusion will be reflected in the polished piece. The machine will grade the finish stone based on size of inclusion left inside the polish stone, its orientation and its reflection / refraction inside the polish stone.
9. Model building accuracy of better than 0.005 mm makes this possible.
10. Intelligent Laser marking software leaves of the area unmarked where it matters the most.
11. Free Oxygen Viewer will make it possible for your overseas office to participate in critical decision making. They will be able to view the provisional / final plan on the virtual stone, and give their consent before further process.
12. Free Oxygen Viewer is an in-evitable tool for the manufacturing department to have a look at virtual report of the plan. This will reduce a great amount of paper work, and makes your factory, a truly IT oriented organization.
13. Gone are the days of paper reports which were suitable for the planners of the past. But still, very advance and user definable paper report system available, if at all you need it.
14. Eight and more options of optimization program to choose from.
15. LAN configurable and multi user environment software support reduces overall cost. Inclusion placement and allocation can be done in off machine mode to reduce load on the scanner and increase its utility factor (reduce overall investment).
16. The software is specifically designed to accurately suggest the most profitable planning options in value recovery terms. In the process the Rapaport / user specific price structure can be used.
17. Data export for Sawing Machines.
18. Software allow using external cuts in a diamond allocation.

Pacor specifications

Field of view 42 x 55 mm
Rough 0.10 cts to 500 cts
No. of Axes (stone movement) 5
Vision Assistance 40X zoom Microscope (LEICA)
Zoom Infinitely variable optical from 9mm to 42 mm - Pre-selectable 5 settings.
Diamond types Any cuts
Diamond Holding Glue assisted
3D-model accuracy Better than 0.005 mm (for highest magnification)
3D-Inclusion Mapping Thru images of windowed stone as well as thru the Microscope under 40X zoom
Inclusion Consideration Anything from VVS1 to I3
Concavity Mapping Unparalleled accuracy due special technique to cover cavities on flat surfaces
Optimization Auto / Manual Sawing, Single / Multiple
Laser Marking With Advance focusing system to mark even on uncovered rough stone - Select all requirements in one go
Print reports Available, (very detailed + user defined)
Electronic reports Free reader software (any numbers) - Important for Manufacturing support
Warranty 12 months

Hardware specifications

Lens Optical Zoom
CCD camera Analog - 768*576, CCD 2/3"
Digital - 1008*1018 CCD 1" (optional)
Computer requirements Xeon or faster processor, RAM 1gb, 17 Monitor
Operating Systems Windows 98 / 2000 / XP
Weight -
Dimensions L x W x H -
Power consumption 220V 50Hz 1000W

CPU performance comparison

Pacor system photo

Samples of reports

Helium Rough and Pacor software allows creating and printing reports for every solution and also for every polished diamond in solution separately.

The reports are created based on templates in MS Word rich-text format (RTF). Also report data can be exported to external files for processing by third-party software.

The example of rough report:

Rough Illustrated report (2 diamonds)


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