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Advanced Computer technologies for Processing of Rough diamonds
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PACOR - Advanced Computer technologies for Processing of Rough diamonds
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Pacor : History
Pacor development history

2003, December

Two first "PACOR" systems placed in operation in India.

1998, September-October
3D-dimensional scanner "PACOR" is sold and delivered to "Diamcad NV" company (Antwerp, Belgium) and successfully placed in operation.
Information system on different marking methods was developed. Also several different types of industrial marking systems with different characteristics were created.
1997, December
Hardware-software system "PACOR" (computer 3D system of scanning and building of model) with marking device is sold and delivered to "Alrosa" company (Moscow, Russia) and successfully placed in operation.
1997, February
Production version of automatic marking line-placing system was created. Activity on developing software for Windows 95/NT and software for electronic passports of rough and polished diamonds began.
1996, November-December
System was tested by "Alrosa" company.
Automatic inscribing of polished diamonds including fantasy shapes with parameters and inclusions.
The Linear-Convex model was created. Naturals on polished diamonds were taken into account.
1993, September
Diamond Spec Flat Shapes 9.49 ct was marked at "Kristall", Moscow. According to testing results "Kristall" (Moscow) ordered development of an interactive system of automatic marking DSKR, which was a prototype of PaCor. As a result of this, a system with the following characteristics was developed.

Photo of the Pacor system explotable on the "Kristall", Moscow

1993, Summer
System was tested on "Askor" rough stones.

Stones of 3 and 4 ct were marked.

Expert M.O.Sherbakow marked a control lot of rough diamonds. Real images of inclusions and reflections' images were calculated (taking re-reflection into account).

1992, October
Two crystals (Spec Stones - 6gr) were marked. As result, a high precision of estimations of inclusions positions and the polished stone's mass was demonstrated. The expert V.N.Panov patronized prototype works.
1992, August
Program wins the competition of new technologies on Moscow cutting plant "Kristall".
Beginning of the Project