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PACOR - Advanced Computer technologies for Processing of Rough diamonds
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Pacor test reports

"Kristall" - Report on the tests of the interactive computer diamond marking system (ICDMS)

The Spec Flat Shapes 9.49cr stone which was considered non-profitable according to the existent Moscow "Kristall" factory technology was marked in November 1993. The variant was suggested that Marquis 3.09cr be the main diamond. The location of the diamond was chosen that they not contain the largest inclusion of 30-50mcr. This variant turned out to be 20% more cost-efficient than the one of the factory had proposed (2.05cr 6/6 and 2.04cr 6/4). Than the factory ordered a system that would be flexible and capable of further improvements.

The tests arranged on June, those concerning efficiency of the system, were cancelled since no factory expert has doubts about it. We only tested various methods of the work in order to find the most efficient ones for Moscow "Kristall" factory. As for the stones we marked with the system, they were not traced in processing, because they were of less than 3 carats. That is why I take a risk to include a short summary of the factory expert's opinions:

  1. The system as a functional unit never made a mistake.
  2. The precision of the systems exceeds the accuracy of the following technology operations.
  3. The system flexibility gives a lot of possibilities for substantial gain of profits.
  4. The system requires automatic marking mechanism (now in development).

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