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How DiamCalc prices diamonds?

This document shows in details how DiamCalc calculates diamonds prices

DiamCalc can estimate a price of the diamond taking into account the mass of the diamond, its cut, color, clarity, quality of cut and a user-defined discount.

The following method is used:

  • Base price per carat is calculated with price lists using mass group, cut, color and clarity;
  • A discount for cut quality is taken (cut quality is determined by DiamCalc appraisers description);
  • The final price is calculated on the basis of base price per carat, mass, discount for quality of cut and user discount.

Price lists are stored in text files. The main file is Price.txt which is located in the folder where DiamCalc is installed. The shipped version of Price.txt file does not contain price lists itself, but rather has references to OctBrill.txt file (it is located in the System subfolder and lists prices for Brilliant cut) and OctPear.txt file (it is also in System subfolder and contains prices for Pear cut).

Price.txt file also specifies that the price for diamonds of other shapes is a half of the price of the Brilliant cut diamonds with similar other parameters. For the details of individual file formats, see the links below. Note that there are three price list files in the shipped version of the software (Price.txt, System\OctBrill.txt and System\OctPear.txt), but formats of the last two are essentially the same.

Detailed file formats:

Price.txt file format
System\OctBrill.txt file format