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What is new in the GemCalc 1.3.1?

May 13, 2004 GemCalc 1.3.1 is released.

  1. Added export of the model to binary and ASCII stereolithography format (STL). See "Cut" - "Export cut" menu.
  2. Fixed bag: "If the DMC file was opened by double-click on it and consequent automatic load of the GemCalc, the GemCalc mistakenly displayed a message saying that the DMC file was made with more recent version of GemCalc".

What is new in the GemCalc 1.3.0?

April 20, 2004 GemCalc 1.3.0 is released.

New features

  1. The algorithm for calculation of photoreal images is changed. It takes into consideration now the changes in the angle of divergence of non-parallel beams during refraction.
  2. Added possibility to edit imported convex cuts of any format, not only GemCad ASCII. Implemented parameters: average diameter; crown, pavilion heights; distance between crown and pavilion; culet and table offsets in horizontal plane. Non-convex cut are imported, but without the possibility of editing. It is allowed to create an editable convex hull during import of non-convex model. Press "Advanced" button in the parameters panel to open the new window. This button becomes available after import of some cut. Advanced editing of the convex imported cuts allows adjusting the position of any facet. The new GUI of advanced editing allowsviewing the model from up to four views with arbitrary zoom and displacement. Use left mouse button to rotate the model, right mouse button to move the model and mouse wheel to change zoom. For more detailed description of the new window see the "Adjusting shape of arbitrary imported 3D model of the diamond" section in the manual.
  3. The OctoNus Helium software can now export model of the scanned diamond and its parameters to 3DCalc DMC file. GemCalc can read such files and display the scanned model and its parameters. GemCalc can generate the same reports on scanned diamond as Helium does using the data provided by the Helium. For more information about Helium please visit Helium system page. For detailed description of the new reports see the "Creating diamond reports" section in the manual.
  4. The new "Radiant" cut was added.

  5. Restored the red-blue stereo mode (menu "View" - "Stereo mode ON").

  6. The default quality of photoreal image calculation for round shape is increased. The number of ray reflections for pattern calculation is set to 4, for intensity calculation is set to30, the same as for fancy shapes.
  7. The IdealScope lighting settings are corrected.

    DiamCalc 2.2.1 DiamCalc 2.3.0

  8. The lightings "HA Table" and "HA Pavilion" are combined into one "Hearts & Arrows". Now turning on the "Hearts&Arrows" lighting does not change the simulation parameters and does not rotate the stone. Use "Top view" and "Bottom view" buttons to view the stone from the table and pavilion sides.

    Top view Bottom view

  9. Added special lighting for better viewing of the photoreal images in red-blue stereo mode (menu "Options" - "Special view" - "Red-blue stereo"). This is just another lighting, which may be turned on in usual mono mode, as well as any other lighting may be turned on in red-blue stereo mode. The settings for this lighting are picked up in such a way, so as to make the perception of the 3D effect of the photoreal image of the model easier.
  10. Import from TXT file with parameters recognizes two additional parameters: Star Facets, Lower Facets. See SampleImport.txt for example.
  11. Added possibility to export arbitrary convex model to GemCad ASCII format.
  12. The format of 3D-Calc DMC files for scanned cuts was changed to enable advanced cut editing. Consequently, the format of GemAdviser GEM files was changed also.
  13. The background color for photoreal image is taken from the lighting settings. Different splitted views use different light sources. The background may be of any color and is displayed using the monitor settings (gamma).
  14. The background color for draft models is not connected to lightings.
  15. The background picture is not removed when the background color is changed. Added a new menu item for removing the background picture.
  16. Added command to movie menu that allows appending of the movie to existing one. Load the first movie as usual; use "Append" command of the Options -Animation - Movie menu to choose another movie file for appending. The second movie should have the same quantity of frames, the same vertical size of the frame and the same color depth as the first movie. It is recommended to use true-color movies for this operation. If movies have 8 bits color depth, the palette of the first movie is used.
  17. Side azimuths are displayed in the range of [0; 360] degrees.
  18. Status line shows the current frame size.
  19. In the ray-tracing mode the status line shows the current mode (Power/Intensity) and the wave length for which the values over the rays are drawn.
  20. Added "Bottom view" button to the toolbar.
  21. Added "Always on top" option to the "View" menu.
  22. The "Heart" cut was corrected and updated.

Fixed bugs

  1. The "Incandesent lamp" lighting now switches off correctly.
  2. The "Firescope" lighting sets the lens parameters to definite correct values.
  3. When the "Smart bright" mode in the lighting was enabled, it was impossible to switch to draft view.
  4. Some simulation parameters were not saved in DMC file, like eye color adaptation, lens parameters, special view settings used for evaluation of fish eye, light leakage, light return and contrast. Fixed saving of simulation parameters to DMC file.
  5. Fixed setting of "Prism" cut parameters.
  6. Fixed import of cuts.
  7. Fixed import from DXF format - the resulting cut was mirrored.
  8. Fixed import from the GemCad ASCII format. The cuts with clockwise direction of gear teeth and non-zero bottom index are imported correctly now.
  9. If the file already existed during movie export to AVI file it was not truncated to new size.
  10. If the generated movie has 8 bits per pixel, it is converted to 24 bits per pixel during its export to AVI without compression, because standard movie player does not playback movies with 8 bpp.
  11. The GemCalc didn't clear its window contents during movie playback which could lead to garbage on screen.
  12. Fixed drawing of the model in the Word report. Now all models are drawn exactly the same as they are drawn on screen after using "Top view" and "Bottom view" toolbar buttons.
  13. Minor fixed in Word report template.
  14. Fixed highlighting of sides in the model.

Versions history