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GemCalc 1.3.0 - April 20, 2004

  • The algorithm for calculation of photoreal images is changed. It takes into consideration now the changes in the angle of divergence of non-parallel beams during refraction;
  • Added possibility to edit imported convex cuts of any format, not only GemCad ASCII. Implemented parameters: average diameter; crown, pavilion heights; distance between crown and pavilion; culet and table offsets in horizontal plane;
  • The OctoNus Helium Polish software can now export model of the scanned diamond and its parameters to 3D-Calc's DMC file. GemCalc can read such files and display the scanned model and its parameters. GemCalc can generate the same reports on scanned diamond as Helium does using the data provided by the Helium;
  • The new "Radiant" cut was added;
  • Restored the red-blue stereo mode.

See the detailed list of new features and fixes

GemCalc 1.2 - March 3, 2003

  • The "Emerald" cut has two additional parameters (on the Advanced 2 tab) that define cutting of the rectangle corners: "Corner facets" and "Corner facets ratio";
  • Added 6 informative parameters for the brilliant cut describing details of the crown and pavilion angles. They are useful when dealing with gems that have deviations from ideal round girdle shape (Angles details tab);
  • Export of the generated movie into AVI format using the codec selected by user. This command is available in the movie menu on the toolbar, or in the main menu (Options > Animation > Movie > Export to AVI);
  • In the ray-tracing mode the spatial animation takes into consideration options for objects rotation (rays, gem or both).
  • Added the possibility to load JPEG images as background (Options > Background color > Picture > Set picture);
  • Zoom in / zoom out commands may be invoked by rotating the mouse wheel;
  • The FAQ section is added to the Gem Calculator user manual.

See the detailed list of new features and fixes

GemCalc 1.1 - July 28, 2002

  • Export to GemAdviser software format;
  • Support of the DXF format;
  • Adjust cut parameters with shapes imported from GemCad ASCII file;
  • A flexibility of the built-in parametric shapes applies now to shapes imported from GemCad ASCII file with the GemCalc 1.1;
  • New lighting models "GemCad ISO", "GemCad ISO" + observer head blockage, "GemCad COS", "GemCad COS" + observer head blockage.

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GemCalc 1.0.5

  • Bug fix for culet in GemCad ASCII files.

GemCalc 1.0.4

  • GemCalc User Manual is added (available through the GemCalc help menu or Windows Start menu);
  • Template for the grading report is added;
  • Fixed a bug with GemCad files import (the GemCad files with the "name" and "gloss" caused import failure. Now this is fixed).

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