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Success stories

GIA Cut Research Update
Al Gilbertson, Research Associate, GIA
Ilene Reinitz, Manager, Research and Development, GIA
Spring 2001

There is the Image from MSU OctoNus DiamCalc software. For this ray of white light, which falls on the table at an angle (see arrow), up to 17% of the incoming ray is reflect off the surface of the table, while the remainder refract into the diamond. The refracted ray begins dispersing and this bundle of colored rays intersects a facet on the diamond at the bottom and the rest reflects back towards the crown. The remainder reflects back into the diamond. Each time the light is reflected from a flat surface, the degree of dispersion (that is the distance the various colors spread out) increases.

Image from MSU Octonus DiamCalc software
Light traveling through a round brilliant diamond does many different things