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What is new in the Oxygen Inclusion 1.3?

December 15, 2005 - Oxygen Inclusion 1.3 (build 140) is released.

1. Manual control of the Sandwich structure
2. Disable/enable specific contours of inclusion
3. 3D-inclusions are saved now with source contours and extended data

4. Oxygen 1.3 uses "05" series of allocation methods now
5. Updated appraisers. Switching the current (active) appraiser in oxygen

6. Photorealistic image mode (DiamCalc style of image)

Minor updates and fixes
7. Oxygen shows the "complex" model by default
8. Fixed problem with new round cut brilliants allocated with Pacor/Helium
9. Previous version of Oxygen could give an error while loading specific 3d-inclusions. This problem is solved in the version 1.3

1. Manual control of the Sandwich structure

After creation of sandwich you can manually control its structure that gives you additional flexibility in diamond allocation.

The "cutting planes" of sandwich are displayed in this version as saw-edged circles.

To modify the geometry of created inclusion parts:

  • in the inclusion list select the desired ex-part of the sandwich; the corresponding sandwich part and its "circle-saw" will be highlighted
  • in the toolbar select "hand" button to activate object movement mode
  • rotate/move the circle by mouse drag into desired position (the movement occurs if you press and hold the "SHIFT" button while drag mouse)
  • when the "circle-saw" is in the desired position press "Recalc" button under "make sandwich" button. This button will "recut" sandwich according to new position of planes

To remove a layer of sandwich select the desired ex-part and press "Remove inclusion". (This operation will not remove this part of inclusion but will join it back to the inclusion core part.

To add additional sandwich layer select the "core" inclusion and press "Add Layer" button. The new cut-plane is always created near the first cut-plane with the same cutting direction.

To return back to single inclusion (undo sandwich) select the desired sandwich ("core" part) and click "Make sandwich" again. You will be asked for confirmation

There are 2 more buttons on "Inclusion Locator" that helps to work with sandwich: "Zoom" and "Normal" Zoom button puts the selected inclusion in the center of scenes and magnify the view to so inclusion fits the screen. It is also turns of the rough visualization.

Normal button applies the normal scale of view and turns on rough visualization.

2. Disable/enable specific contours of inclusion

You may disable specific inclusion contour if you want to see the inclusion model created without consideration of that contour (like if you removed the contour).

To disable or enable an inclusion contour click the corresponding checkbox in the contours list.

3. 3D-inclusions are saved now with source contours and extended data

  • The inclusions are now saved with the sandwich structure information allowing to continue work with sandwich structure after save/load
  • The source contours of inclusion are saved. Please notice: to view and/or edit contours after save/load user needs to load used photographs in the program manually
  • The contour state (enabled or disabled) is saved as well

4. Oxygen 1.3 uses "05" series of allocation methods

The Oxygen allocation was updated with "05" series methods.

5. Switching the current (active) appraiser in oxygen in allocation

Please see menu Settings / "Select current (active) appraiser...". In this windows you can select the desired appraiser. The active appraiser impacts on the options of desired cut quality group in allocation (View / Show process / diamond tab).

It also affects the cut quality group displayed in the diamond parameter panel.

6. Photorealistic image mode (DiamCalc style of image)

You can activate this mode by pressing "Photoreal" mode on the toolbar.

Please select the specific diamond in the tree to see its DiamCalc-style image in the lower right scene. In this scene you can click right mouse button and select the desired visualization settings from popup menu: lighting (IdealScope, Office, etc), diamond view (top, side, etc).

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