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Oxygen Inclusion versions history

Oxygen Inclusion 3.2 (build 820) - May 14, 2011

  1. New creating of cavities
  2. Improvements of autoexposure algorithm
  3. New Polish reports templates are available in the Oxygen Software

Detailed description

Oxygen Inclusion 3.1 (build 754) - September 17, 2010

  1. New option: inclusion contrast
  2. New visual model of Flat Crack
  3. Pacor rough classification cutting lists and yields in Oxygen
  4. Splitting cloud parts

Detailed description

Oxygen Inclusion 3 (build 719) - March 19, 2010

  1. New optimization algorithms are included
  2. Reports are available in the Oxygen software
    1. Oxygen Customer report
    2. Oxygen Polish reports
  3. Extra options for inclusion visualization
  4. Export of allocated diamonds with inclusions and Helium Polish scanned models into DiamCalc files

Detailed description

Oxygen Inclusion 2.5.3 (build 622) - July 22, 2009

  1. New context based interface for creating inclusions
    1. Example of working with new context based interface. Creating a new inclusion
    2. Tools for creating inclusions contours are available in Scene
  2. Inclusion selection tool
  3. Small interface improvements
    1. Inclusion numbering for every type of inclusions
    2. Different names for different types of cracks, flat and curved
    3. Changing status for several inclusions and deleting several
      inclusions are available in the inclusion list
    4. Search inclusions panel for cracks
    5. Creating a Deep point or its precise contour by mouse click in
      Scene in place where you want to create it
    6. Changing photo sets of HR photos without changing number of photos
    7. Effects
  4. New type of inclusions Cloud
  5. Creating Hole by photos from Helium Rough
  6. HDR photorealistic diamond and inclusions visualization
  7. Autosave file option
  8. Auxiliary points in allocation

Detailed description

Oxygen Inclusion 2.3 (build 447) - June 26, 2008

  1. Creating Curved cracks
  2. Creating 3D Inclusions
  3. Constructing of Point inclusions is improved
  4. Inclusion contour selection windows updates

Detailed description

Oxygen Inclusion 2.2 (build 412) - February 14, 2008

  1. Improved image managing, jpg format supported
  2. Creation nonconvex holes is supported

Detailed description

Oxygen Inclusion 2.1 (build 350) - November 29, 2007

  1. Cross bar is displayed in the Inclusion contour selection panel
  2. Real deviation of an inclusion localization is displayed

Detailed description

Oxygen Inclusion 1.5.1 (build 282) - January 18, 2007

On some stones Oxygen failed to create inclusion contour. In the update 1.5.1 (build 282) this behavior is fixed.

Oxygen Inclusion 1.5 (build 224) and Oxygen Taste (build 223) - August 30, 2006

  1. Small spherical inclusions are available. These inclusions can be adjusted manually with no contours
  2. Improvements in the "move panel" including manual distance, angle and zoom steps
  3. New tool allows to "draw" small contours in the Inclusion selection plug-in

Detailed description

Oxygen Inclusion 1.4 (build 217) - August 14, 2006

  1. 06 complex & 06 single algorithms
  2. Construction of flat inclusions
  3. New type "shell" of inclusion sandwich
  4. Improved contour selection tool

Detailed description

Oxygen Inclusion 1.3.4 (build 180) - April 5, 2006

  1. Rotation photos as a movie by mouse
  2. Creating virtual «windows» on the model
  3. New algorithm for fast automatic creation of inclusion contour
  4. Switching pricelists
  5. Fixed bug

Detailed description

Oxygen Inclusion 1.3.3 (build 165) - February 9, 2006

  • Set colour and clarity for any diamond
  • Move model option
  • Indication angle between the contours
  • Four Scenes switch button
  • Minor updates and fixes

The detailed descriptions of updates

Oxygen Inclusion 1.3 (build 140) - December 15, 2005

  • Manual control of the Sandwich structure
  • Disable/enable specific contours of inclusion
  • 3D-inclusions are saved now with source contours and extended data
  • Oxygen 1.3 uses "05" series of allocation methods now
  • Updated appraisers. Switching the current (active) appraiser in oxygen
  • Photorealistic image mode (DiamCalc style of image)
  • Oxygen shows the "complex" model by default
  • Fixed problem with new round cut brilliants allocated with Pacor/Helium
  • Previous version of Oxygen could give an error while loading specific 3d-inclusions. This problem is solved in the version 1.3

The detailed descriptions of updates

Oxygen Inclusion 1.2 (build 110) - August 2, 2005

  • User-definable custom modes
  • Extra information is saved now in the oxygen (oxg) file
  • Diamond Parameter Panel
  • Extra shapes are available for allocation
  • Different options for diamond parameters in allocation
  • Default diamond color
  • Sandwich
  • Minor updates and fixes

The detail description of updates

Oxygen Inclusion 1.1 (build 82) - May 25, 2005

  • New allocation algorithms now operate with 3D-inclusions as true 3D-objects;
  • "Default diamond clarity" option is added;
  • The default contrast of objects in the 3D-scenes is increased;
  • Updates in the interface of tree and photo panels;
  • True color 3D-Stereo.

The detail description of updates

Oxygen Inclusion 1.0 (build 76) - March 24, 2005

Version 1.0 (build 76) of Oxygen Inclusion is released.