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What is new in the Oxygen Microscope  3? (page 1 of 3)

March 19, 2010 - Oxygen Microscope software version 3 build 718 is released.

Table of content

  1. New optimization algorithms are included
  2. Reports are available in the Oxygen software
    1. Oxygen Customer report
    2. Oxygen Polish reports
  3. Extra options for inclusion visualization
  4. Export of allocated diamonds with inclusions and Helium Polish scanned models into DiamCalc files
  5. Improved camera access

1. New optimization algorithms are included

There are new optimization algorithms in Oxygen for allocation (9 algorithms):
09. Adaptive. Beta
08. Complex 1
08. Single.Flex
08. Adaptive
08. Single
08. Quick Duo
07. Adaptive (beta)
06. Semicut
06. Semicut (final)
Currently total list of algorithms is following (17 algorithms):
09. Adaptive. Beta
08. Complex 1
08. Single.Flex
08. Adaptive
08. Single
06. Single
08. Quick Duo
07. Complex
07. Adaptive.Simple
07. Adaptive (beta)
06. Smart C1
06. Complex 1
06. Semicut
06. Semicut (final)
05. Adaptive
05. Complex
05. Complex 1 (37.5)

2. Reports are available in the Oxygen software

Table of Content

Now MS Word reports are available in Oxygen Software for Oxygen solutions and for allocated diamonds. There are Oxygen Customer reports and  Oxygen Polish reports.

Oxygen Customer report

Oxygen Customer report is a report with Oxygen solutions list. It contains a lot of options defined by user, like different oxygen lighting for images, size of published pictures etc.

Photorealistic images of diamonds with inclusions and its textures are output into Customer reports. It allows to compare allocated diamonds in different oxygen solutions easy and effective.

Please see example of new report:

Oxygen Customer Report (PDF)

To create Oxygen Customer reports:
1. Select from menu File / Create customer report...
2. Select report options in Print report window
3. To create report press button Create report
4. For every printing report you can customize the following options:
a) Print all solutions or a number of solutions:
To print all solutions select radio button All solutions (from ... to ...). Full amount of existing solutions is written automatically in brackets.
To print a number of solution select radiobutton Solutions from ... to ... and fill in the numbers from and to.
b) Select preferred lighting in listbox Preferred lighting.
Preferred lighting is a lighting used for pictures in report templates. Only the pictures in template marked of type PreferredLighting or not marked at all will be lighted with selected light; the others will be lighted as it is written in template (see Customizing Oxygen Customer Reports for details).
c) Select checkbox Print pictures only for diamonds with high price if you do not want to include diamonds with low price into the report.
If this checkbox is unchecked, all the diamond are printed in report.
d) Select one of three predefined print qualities or input your preferences.
We recommend to use:
  • Print quality 220 ppi for printing
  • Screen quality 150 ppi to view report on the monitor, projector or to upload on site
  • and E-mail quality 96 ppi to send report on e-mail
Or select Custom output checkbox and input your own ppi in text field.
e) All available templates are shown in Report template listbox. How to get the default set of templates is described below.
f) To see the images of small diamonds with small size and images of large diamonds with big size use checkbox Crop images for small diamonds.


Uncropped image of little diamond Cropped image of little diamond
Note. Size of the drawn diamond itself is not changed. Only white margins are cut.
If checkbox Crop images for small diamonds is unchecked all the pictures have same size.

g) Compress images to JPEG format checkbox can be used to reduce document size by compressing the images. When checkbox is checked, the slider of JPEG quality is accessible. The lefter the slider mark the worse quality and less document size. The righter the slider mark the better quality and bigger document size.

To get images of the maxumum best quality uncheck Compress images to JPEG format.

h) Remember my choise checkbox is available in the bottom of the dialog window. Check it to remember current settings for the next reports. If you are experimenting with settings and do not want to use current settings next time uncheck it.

Report templates are placed in the CustomerReportTemplates folder. The general path is:

[Application Data]\OctoNus Software\CustomerReportTemplates\

For example in default Windows XP installation the path is:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\OctoNus Software\CustomerReportTemplates\

To open folder CustomerReportTemplates press button in Print report window.

Customer Reports templates are easy customized, read details Customizing Oxygen Customer Reports

Oxygen Polish reports

Table of Content

Oxygen Polish reports are available for allocated diamond and Helium Polish scanned models. It is the same reports as in Helium Polish or DiamCalc.

To create Oxygen Polish report:
1. Select Polished diamond in the list of Oxygen solutions 
To use HeliumPolish scanned model instead of allocated diamond deselect any allocated diamond in the Tree, for example click on item Scan in the Tree
2. Select from menu File / Create polished report...
3. Print polish report window opens
4. Select type of report in the section Reports templates.
  • If you choose report from Open RTF tab the Oxygen will fill the chosen template with report parameters and pictures and launch MS Word.
  • If you choose report from Print RTF tab the filled report will be sent to default printer and MS Word will close.
  • Reports from Open HTML tab will be shown in your default browser.
All available templates are shown in these tabs. How to get the default templates set is described below.
5. Select color of report:
  • Black and white: images in generated report will be grayscaled
  • Color: report will be generated with color images
  • Use report color information from template: report template includes color information in it. With this option report will be generated with color settings, stated in selected template. Other options ignore color information in template. If template is not contain color information and this option is choosen, report will be generated in color ( Read details Customizing Oxygen / DiamCalc Polish reports).
6. Press button Make report to create report
7. When the dialog opens, the cutting type of the model is defined automatically and all facets of the model are colored according to their types. Generally you will not need to alter them. If cutting type seemed to be defined wrong, you can choose proper cutting type in listbox Cutting type. Click button Auto detect facet types to assign facet types according to selected cutting. If checkbox Detect cutting type automatically is checked, the cutting type will be defined automatically before assigning facet types, manually selected type will be overwritten.

Check Edit facet types checkbox if cutting is set properly but facets types seem to be wrong.
Set facet type:
  • Click on color you want in color table on the right panel in section Facet types
  • Click on facet you want to recolor
Another way to set facet type:
  • Right-click on right-colored facet
  • Left-click on wrong-colored facet
  • It will change its color to the first facet's color
Uncheck Edit facet types checkbox to fix facet types.
Adjust extra parameters like Model name and Expert name also.

Oxygen software allows creating reports based on templates in the MS Word rich-text format RTF and HTML formats. Report templates are placed in the PolishReportTemplates folder. The general path is:

[Application Data]\OctoNus Software\PolishReportTemplates\

For example in default Windows XP installation the path is:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\OctoNus Software\PolishReportTemplates\

To open folder PolishReportTemplates press button in Print polish report dialog window.

OctoNus Software offer an utility for installing set of templates:


There are both templates for Customer reports and Polish reports. Download and run this exe, then follow its instructions to install default set of templates.
Oxygen users can take these templates and customize them for their needs or create new templates.
It is possible to convert the old type report templates with .ini files from previous DiamCalc and Helium programs for use with new programs. Polish Reports Format Converter utility converts these old templates into the new format and save them to template folder.
Customization of Oxygen Polish reports is not the same like it was in the Helium Polish. It is easy. INI files not need any more.
Read details Customizing Oxygen / DiamCalc Polish reports

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