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What is new in the Oxygen Microscope 3? (page 2 of 3)

3. Extra options for inclusion visualization

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The new visualisation options are available: Set color of inclusions and contours, Show only inclusions in Focus and Hide inclusions contour.
Also it is possiple to define transparency of inclusions projections and transparency of contours.
To use new extra options:
1. Press new button Other options in the bottom panel of  Scene
2. Select or unselect an option from list
To show Inclusion projections use buttons All inclusions or Current inclusion.
Option Transparent inclusion projections regulates transparency of inclusions. Transparent projections are helpful when you need to see contours of real inclusion on the photo under its projection. If you want to stress inclusions on strongly-contrast photo, use opaque mode.
Contours are shown on photos in places you input inclusion components. By default, contours are highlighted with transparent green for active inclusion or purple for other inclusions.
To set opaque mode of inclusions contours unselect Transparent contours:
To hide inclusions contours select Hide inclusion contours.
Option Show only inclusions in focus affects method of inclusions are shown on photos. On the photo below there are some inclusions are evident - in depth of field. And others inclusions are blurred strongly - unfocused.
To avoid showing unfocused inclusions check Show only inclusions in focus.
To see all of the inclusions in spite of their visibility on the photo uncheck Show only inclusions in focus.
Here is an example of focused and unfocused inclusions and variants of its representation:
Two types of inclusions, in focus and not in focus
To highlight inclusions in focus: select Show only inclusions in focus in list and press button All inclusions
To highlight both types of inclusions in focus and not in focus: unselect Show only inclusions in focus in list

Note. Show only inclusions in focus option is effective only for MBox photos. Helium photos do not contain information about focus, so keep this option off if you work with Helium photos.
To set color of inclusions and contours on Scene:
1. Press button Other options and select in list Set inclusions projection color... 
2. Visualization settings window opens

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