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Versions history

Oxygen Microscope 3.16.0 (build 1330) - July, 2015

In this version of Oxygen Server Microscope we have the follwoing new features for you:

  • Automatic detection of windows on the surface of the stone
    • 3 different algorithm presets optimized for rough/semipolish and nearly polish stones
  • New tool for manual windows markup with improved usability
  • Better quality of recommended view directions compared to our previous release
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed pear for non-convex stone models
    • Fixed an issue with dissapearing bottom panel

We have 2 short complementary videos: one with demo of improved adviser and another one with demo of automated windows detection process.

Detailed description

Oxygen Microscope 3.11.0 (build 1283) - May, 2015

In this version of OxygenMicroscope we have implemented several features that are critical for working without immersion using MBox2.0. Here's a list of improvements:

  • Updated light control panel to allow flexible light setup configuration just like with MBox1.0
  • Automated adviser that searches new view directions for allocated inclusions through a set of predefined windows on the surface of rough
  • Cross + pear are now available in stereo mode
  • A number of bugs have also been fixed
    • Workaround for Locate Inclusion panel frequent disappearing 
    • Mouse wheel strange behavoiur for small steps fixed

Detailed description

Oxygen Microscope 3.6.1 (build 1182) - October 1, 2014

Oxygen Microscope 3.3.4 (build 863) - February 10, 2012

  • New Export and Import of DMC files
  • More precise definition of diamond density
  • Reports update
  • Linked appraiser. Update active appraiser
  • Smoother lighting control
  • Bugfix

Detailed description

Oxygen Microscope 3.2 (build 819) - May 14, 2011

  1. New creating of cavities
    1. Automatic creating 3D models of cavities
    2. 3D models of cavities are cut off from 3d model of rough
    3. Wireframe visualization of 3D models of cavities in Cavities working mode
  2. Improvements of autoexposure algorithm
  3. 64-bit Windows support
  4. New Polish reports templates are available in the Oxygen Software

Detailed description

Oxygen Microscope 3.1 (build 755) - September 17, 2010

  1. Creating automatic clouds
  2. Splitting cloud parts
  3. New option: inclusion contrast
  4. New visual model of Flat Crack
  5. Pacor rough classification cutting lists and yields in Oxygen

Detailed description

Oxygen Microscope 3 (build 718) - March 19, 2010

  1. New optimization algorithms are included
  2. Reports are available in the Oxygen software
    1. Oxygen Customer report
    2. Oxygen Polish reports
  3. Extra options for inclusion visualization
  4. Export of allocated diamonds with inclusions and Helium Polish scanned models into DiamCalc files
  5. Improved camera access

Detailed description

Oxygen Microscope 2.5.3 (build 621) - July 22, 2009

  1. New context based interface for creating inclusions
    1. Example of working with new context based interface. Creating a new inclusion
    2. Tools for creating inclusions contours are available in Scene
  2. Inclusion selection tool
  3. Small interface improvements
    1. Inclusion numbering for every type of inclusions
    2. Different names for different types of cracks, flat and curved
    3. Changing status for several inclusions and deleting several
      inclusions are available in the inclusion list
    4. Search inclusions panel for cracks
    5. Adding precise contour into deep points without switching between Microscope camera and Photo view mode
    6. Creating a Deep point or its precise contour by mouse click in
      Scene in place where you want to create it
    7. Changing photo sets of HR photos without changing number of photos
    8. Effects
    9. Auto Exposure
  4. New type of inclusions Cloud
  5. Creating Hole by photos from Helium Rough
  6. New Blind method for creating Cracks
  7. HDR photorealistic diamond and inclusions visualization
  8. Autosave file option
  9. Auxiliary points in allocation

Detailed description

Oxygen Microscope 2.3 (build 445) - June 23, 2008

  1. Creating Curved cracks
  2. Creating 3D Inclusions
  3. Constructing of Point inclusions is improved
  4. Auto focus
  5. Automatic shot for the new inclusion contour
  6. Crosshair & Pear button
  7. Inclusion contour selection windows updates
  8. Focus movement control is improved for MBox with OctoNus motor

Detailed description

Oxygen Microscope 2.2 (build 410) - February 14, 2008

  1. Improved image managing, jpg format supported
  2. Using Logitech MX Revolution mouse to work with MBox
  3. Creation nonconvex holes is supported
  4. Support for new types of MBoxes Z6 Apoa and Z16 Apoa
  5. Fixed bug

Detailed description

Oxygen Microscope 2.1 (build 348) - November 29, 2007

  1. New Tool Locate Inclusion
  2. Blind method for creating Point inclusions
  3. Automatic focus on Point Inclusion
  4. Cross bar is displayed in the Inclusion contour selection panel
  5. Real deviation of an inclusion localization is displayed

Detailed description

Oxygen Microscope 2.0.1 (build 315) - May 23, 2007

Oxygen Microscope software version 2.0.1 (build 315) is released.