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PACOR - Advanced Computer technologies for Processing of Rough diamonds
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Pacor Client versions history

Here you will find the history of the Pacor Client software.

Pacor Client version 5.7 - April 2, 2015

Pacor Client version 5.6 - December 18, 2012

  1. Optimization speed is greatly increased
  2. Export of Parametric Diamonds to DMC Files
  3. Improved Auto Optimization
  4. New Import / Export of MME Format
  5. Enhanced Support Possibilities of External DLL Cuts
  6. DMC Files (created by DiamCalc software of OctoNus) in sections [fixedcut] of appraisers
    1. 6.1. Description for optimization sets
    2. 6.2. Changing parameter values of current diamond to parameter values from DMC files
    3. 6.3. Description of new strings from appraiser txt file,  DMC and DMC files
  7. Relative Appraiser. Update Active Appraiser
  8. Considering Yellow Status of Inclusions with Optimization Algorithms of Option Tool by Default
  9. Model Building by Photos
  10. New Optimization Algorithms in Recutting Process
  11. Yield Calculation in Recutting Process
  12. Exporting Solutions to Format of Soenen Sawing Lasers
  13. Improved Saving of MMD Files
  14. Number of Current Hasp-Key
  15. Fixed Bug of Color Mode for Windows 7
  16. Cut Missing Notification during Optimization

Detailed description

Pacor Client version 4.55 - June 26, 2009

  1. Optimization algorithms are improved
  2. Inclusions textures on photorealistic images
  3. Export set of burning lines into separate file *.bdl from Pacor Client and mark it on Helium Rough

Detailed description

Pacor Client version 4.37 - December 15, 2008

  1. New parameters for recognition
  2. Rough models resembling
  3. New interface for Marking-out panel
  4. Scroll-bar for cutting list
  5. Differently colored inclusions output into pictures of rough reports
  6. Optimization algorithms are improved. New algorithms 08.Single and 08.Single.Flex are available
  7. Angle & azimuth info of allocated diamonds with respect to its table
  8. Custom cuttings in Rough Classification panel are saved in mmd file
  9. New option for Optimization task list
  10. Fixed bug

Detailed description

Pacor Client version 4.33 - September 12, 2008

  1. Optimization algorithms are improved
  2. New version 1.2 of DLL cuttings is developed for more fast optimization
  3. Four diamonds in solution are displayed in Marking Out panel
  4. Records of inclusion quantity in the TXT report
  5. Short shape`s names in Marking Out and full name in the Parameter panels
  6. New recognition
  7. Bound Swim for All layers
  8. Open mmd files with duplicated cuttings without using CopyCutting command
  9. New Helium Polish AnyCut report is available for optimized cuts.
    It can be used for all supported cuts: internal, ASCII, DLL, unknown cuts etc

Detailed description

Pacor Client version 3.97 - April 28, 2007

  1. New parameters Tilting data, Part weight, Distance to Holder are included into rough reports
  2. Pictures with Crown (Table) facing up and Pavilion bottom are available in the reports
  3. Working with Oxygen`s inclusions by Tool option

Detailed description

Pacor Client version 3.95 - March 19, 2007

  1. Enumeration of solutions
  2. Change status of yellow inclusions for Swim, Bound swim, Recut and etc algorithms in Tools
  3. Export mmd file name into Roughvalues.txt
  4. "Rough report" button on the scene
  5. Option "Set layer by handle" in Tools menu

Detailed description